McBride vs. Sleestaks

Will Ferrell is preparing to head over the raging rapids and into the LAND OF THE LOST, but who's making the trip with him?

How about up-and-comer Danny McBride? According to Filmforce, McBride will play "Will" in the spoof of the cheesy Sid & Marty Kroft TV show from the 70s. I assume this Will is significantly different from the original cult fave -- that character was the teenage son of ranger Marshall, but McBride isn't even a decade younger than Ferrell, so they've obviously made major changes to the characters for the remake. McBride was recently seen as a bright spot in the otherwise painful HOT ROD, and has upcoming parts in PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and TROPIC THUNDER.

The (unintentionally) campy original series followed a family of adventurers trapped in a world filled with dinosaurs, cavemen and reptilian humanoids. The new version comes from director Brad Silberling, who also did the underappreciated LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, so the flick should at least have an interesting appearance. Let's hope Ferrell can also find the funny.
Extra Tidbit: LAND OF THE LOST was already resurrected in the 90s as a new series with a different family caught in the bizarre prehistoric realm.
Source: Filmforce



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