McG talks Terminator

I gotta admit that I don't really understand some of the instinctive vitriol leveled toward director McG. CHARLIE'S ANGELS was amusingly preposterous eye-candy (though the sequel belabored the point), and WE ARE MARSHALL showed he can at least tell a story without relying on overcranking and Dutch angles. Yet some people act like he sits around eating newborn babies. And what he does in his downtime doesn't concern me.

I am, however, interested in seeing what his visual toolbox can add to the kickstarted TERMINATOR franchise (which has been shooting for several weeks), and the director himself is keeping people updated via the McTERMINATOR McBlog. McG discusses hazardous stuntwork, the (still terribly titled) movie's place on the TERMINATOR timeline, his often-reviled lifelong nickname, the various Skynet 'bots and the precursor to Arnie's T-800, and the PG-13 rating (which, as he points out, shouldn't really be an issue or indicator of quality in light of movies like BATMAN BEGINS and the BOURNE series -- hell, even T2 is now shown almost intact on daytime basic cable). Read all the details RIGHT HERE.

McG also briefly addresses the gigantic SPOILER that recently surfaced online (which I unfortunately read before it was labeled as such), and since it's either very true or or very effective misdirection, I won't repeat it here. But if you really want your balloon deflated, I'm sure spoilerphile readers are resourceful enough to find it on the internets.
Extra Tidbit: Unlike myself, the Terminator models were "improved" by sweat and bad breath.
Source: McBlog



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