Men want to play with their balls in these clips from Everybody Wants Some

Everybody Wants Some banner

For my Richard Linklater fans out there, I've got a couple of clips from the upcoming EVERYBODY WANTS SOME that you can feast your eyes and ears on! Touted as the “spiritual sequel” to DAZED AND CONFUSED, this comedy chronicles a weekend in the life of 1980's college life. What does that entail? Well, if these clips are any indication, just men wanting to play with their balls. Check 'em out!

Linklater is the master at crafting scenes that feel genuine, and also as if you've lived some version of them. While these two clips aren't anything particularly special on their own, I have little doubt the sum of the film's parts make a really effing good whole. That's a quote you find on any of the film's posters! In any case, I love the bulk of Linklater's work so I can't wait to check this out in theaters come next weekend!

EVERYBODY WANTS SOME will hit theaters on April 8th.

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