Michael Bay's 13 Hours adds another The Office actor in David Denman

13 Hours Michael Bay John Krasinski David Denman James Badge Dale

John Krasinski will reunite with one of his The Office co-stars for Michael Bay's 13 HOURS. THR has learned David Denman will play an elite sniper named Boon in the upcoming film, joining Krasinski, James Badge Dale (THE DEPARTED), Max Martini (PACIFIC RIM) and Pablo Schreiber (THE WIRE). Besides playing Pam Beesly love interest Roy on the comedy series, Denman has also appeared in movies like AFTER EARTH, FANBOYS and BIG FISH, and he had a recurring role on NBC's Parenthood.

Michael Bay's new movie is an adaptation of the Mitchell Zuckoff novel about the 2012 attack on an American compound in Benghazi, and the script was written by Prince of Thieves: A Novel (Ben Affleck's THE TOWN) and The Strain author Chuck Hogan. Production on the political drama will begin this April in Malta and Morocco.

Does anyone else feel like 13 HOURS could be Michael Bay's LONE SURVIVOR? Director Peter Berg got a lot of flack for BATTLESHIP, but rebounded in a big way with the well-received war movie, and I wouldn't be surprised if Bay is hoping his new project will do the same thing for him. Are you interested in checking out 13 HOURS?

Source: THR



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