Michael Cera in talks to join Jessica Chastain in Molly's Game

Michael Cera Molly's Game Jessica Chastain Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin has been crafting stories on both the big and small screen for over twenty years, but in that time he somehow never got around to stepping behind the camera himself. All of that will change with the upcoming MOLLY'S GAME, which Sorkin is set to write and direct. The film, based on Molly Bloom’s memoir "Molly's Game", takes place in the world of high-stakes poker and chronicles the true story of how one young woman ran the most exclusive poker game in town.

Production is tentatively slated to kick off in November as the project continues to gather up cast members, and THR reports that Michael Cera is currently in negotiations to join the cast. Should his deal close, Cera will play a character by the name of Player X, an elite celebrity player who develops a unique relationship with Bloom. Jessica Chastain will star as Molly Bloom, the former world-class skier who, after failing to make the Olympics, took a year off prior to law school and eventually ran a high-stakes poker game for the elite of Hollywood for eight years before the FBI brought her down. Idris Elba also stars as Bloom's criminal defense lawyer.

Michael Cera has several projects on the horizon, including playing Robin to Will Arnett's Batman in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE on February 10, 2017.

Source: THR



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