Michael Giacchino scoring John Carter of Mars

Fresh off his recent Oscar win for UP, composer extraordinaire Michael Giacchino's next project will be sci-fi epic JOHN CARTER OF MARS, according to MovieScore Magazine.

The film is being directed by Pixar vet Andrew Stanton, who was behind WALL-E and FINDING NEMO, which makes the connection to Giacchino a little more obvious. Giacchino is no stranger to sci-fi, as he did the fast-paced score of STAR TREK and has done a ton of work on LOST as well. He's fast become one of my favorite composers, and I wouldn't be surprised if the man ends up being this era's John Williams based on his current trajectory.

JOHN CARTER, the story of the Civil War vet escaping giant green aliens to find the Princess of Helium, has been shooting since January, and stars Taylor Kitsch as the titular Carter. The film has a pretty stacked cast as Mark Strong, Willem Dafoe, Bryan Cranston, Dominic West, Polly Walker, Thomas Hayden Church, Samantha Morton and Lynn Collins are all on board as well. And now with Giacchino’s involvement? That’s just icing on the cake.

Extra Tidbit: What’s your favorite Giacchino track? Here’s mine.



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