Michelle Rodriguez is pissed about her gender-reassignment for Tomboy

Michelle Rodriguez's next flick is about to get rather twisted.

Set to topline TOMBOY, A REVENGER'S TALE, from Walter Hill, Rodriguez will be playing a dangerous male assassin who is double-crossed by some gangsters and given over to a rogue surgeon known as "The Doctor," who'll be played by Sigourney Weaver. The Doctor turns him into a her, and Rodriguez is justifiably pissed. Seeking revenge with the help of a nurse named Johnnie, Rodriguez's character is out for blood with everyone who was a part of doing this to her.

I told you it was twisted.

There is no word on who might embody Rodriguez before the gender-swap, but, given her penchant for physical roles in the past, I think we can safely assume that when the switch happens, she won't be using diplomacy in order to achieve peace of mind.

This is one too bizarre to pass up, and I hope Hill can execute the concept well enough that it doesn't come off as a joke. This is delicate material to handle, and, in the wrong hands, could easily turn into a mess. BULLET TO THE HEAD didn't shape up too well for him, so here's to being optimistic that he can channel the same filmmaker who early in his career made the likes of THE WARRIORS and 48 HOURS among others.



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