Miner for H3D?

Rumors go around a bit too quickly these days on the net, and one that makes every news outlet isn't any more founded. Just Google Batman and rumor for a few hundred thousand examples... BUT sometimes one rumor can be interesting enough to warrant a bit of attention, which I think is the case for that HALLOWEEN 3D planned by the Weinsteins for next summer.

The folks of Bloody Disgusting posted a report sent from a tipster who apparently is running amok with his claim that the helmer mentioned by the Weinsteins when they said somebody "who has experience in horror" would be one Steve Miner.

Although still unconfirmed and unlikely to be for a while, the idea does sound a little interesting. Miner did his own semi-reboot of the Halloween franchise with H20 over 10 years ago, and cut his teeth as a director with some 80s horror "classics" like HOUSE, the 2nd and 3rd FRIDAY THE 13TH and the underrated WARLOCK. His involvement would bring an "old-school" feel to the franchise which isn't a bad thing if the studio wants to have it stand apart from the recent wave of slasher films. Plus it'll be on par with Hollywood's current tendency to dig up anything from the 80s...

What do you guys think?

Extra Tidbit: Miner's last film was that Jessica Simpson in the Army stinker, Major Movie Star or something. Guy deserves a chance to do horror instead of horrible.



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