Modern Family's Sofia Vergara joins the growing cast of Machete Kills

Man, Robert Rodriguez works fast! Just eight hours ago we reported that Demain Bichir and Amber Heard had joined the cast of MACHETE KILLS. Now we have confirmation that uber-MILF Sofia Vergara has joined as well.

Vergara will play Madame Desdemona, whose women have intel Machete needs to stop Mel Gibson's evil plans.

The plot, as earlier reported, follows Ex-federale Machete (Trejo) who is recruited by the U.S. government to stop an arms dealer (Gibson) from launching a deadly missile. Heard will play a manipulative assassin code-named Miss San Antonio.

That brings the cast roster to Michelle Rodriguez, Tom Savini, Jessica Alba, Danny Trejo, Amber Heard, Demian Bichir, Mel Gibson, and possibly Michelle Williams. That is a damn good cast for this movie

I liked the first MACHETE as well as it's inspiration, GRINDHOUSE. These are fun movies that pay homage to a forgotten genre. Hopefully Rodriguez gets this filmed quickly so that we can get MACHETE KILLS AGAIN in the near future.

Extra Tidbit: MACHETE "introduced" Don Johnson. I wonder who gets that honor this time around.
Source: Variety



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