More Grind at Cannes?

It was previously rumored that GRINDHOUSE would get slashed into two separate releases for certain global markets rather than the double-punch package the US and English-speaking territories will experience. That still seems to be the case, but they might end up getting more. Possibly soon.

Cannes regular Quentin Tarantino may be bringing an extended cut of his DEATH PROOF (currently at 87 minutes) to the film festival in May. According to Eli Roth, who made a fake trailer and has a role in QT's half of the white-knuckle sandwich, "He could do a two-hour version of it if he wanted." Additionally, Robert Rodriguez is apparently considering bringing his PLANET TERROR to the French fest as well. We'll have to assume that all the extra footage and gore and Rodriguez recipes and other goodies will be on the eventual DVD.

Whether more equates to better remains to be seen... some early GRINDHOUSE reviews leveled complaints at the pacing of DEATH PROOF, and an early draft of the script landed at 130 pages. We'll find out ourselves in one more friggin' week, WOOOOHOOOO!!!

Extra Tidbit: According to Moviehole, Tarantino is already discussing making his planned old-school kung fu flick as part of the next project. But then, if only he made all the cool-sounding projects he discusses...
Source: Variety



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