More Roger Rabbit?

Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis may have spent three movies and several time periods with Marty McFly, but it sounds like he'd really like to hang out a bit more with old friend Roger Rabbit. Or maybe just his chesty 'toon wife.

When asked about the possibility of revisiting past films and characters, Zemeckis offered this to MTV: "I'll tell you what's been buzzing around in my head, now that we have the digital tools and performance capture, is I'm starting to think about ROGER RABBIT." Zemeckis also admits it would be a new idea, which would rule out the previously attempted prequel (which would've had Roger in WWII dealing with Nazis -- hilarious!).

The real question (evaded by Zemeckis) is exactly how the 21st technology he used on BEOWULF and THE POLAR EXPRESS (to often creepy effect) would be implemented -- would he bring Roger and supporting cast forward in time the age of countless computer-rendered characters? Or would he just use his high-tech toy box to imitate the old-school technique and period of the original? Let the speculation commence!

One of the things that makes the beloved WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT work so well and stand the test of time is the limitations of available mid-80s tech, which seamlessly featured hand-drawn 'toons interacting with humans. Is anything else just a cheat? And perhaps most importantly, will the animators figure out new ways to incorporate flashes of Jessica Rabbit nudity?

Extra Tidbit: ROGER RABBIT author Gary Wolf eventually sued Disney for additional royalties, but Disney lawyers disputed the claim and said Wolf actually owed THEM money because of an accounting error. Hooray for Hollywood?
Source: MTV



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