Move over Farmville, WB set to offer movies directly on Facebook

I was just thinking the other day, there aren't enough devices and web sites to watch movies on and then, like God came down and gave Adam life, Mark Zuckerberg reached down from Palo Alto and gave the me the gift of watching movies on Facebook. Huzzah!

So yes, yet another website now offering movie streaming. Do we really need another to go along with the Hulus, Netflixes, Amazons, Blockbusters, Best Buys, et. al. of the world? Not really but Facebook wants to keep up with the times and apparently the times means watching movies on your favorite website. So Facebook has partnered with Warner Bros. to offer selected movies for purchase or rental through the films' Facebook pages. Users will have to "Like" the film in question and then use Facebook credits to purchase the film.

Right now only one film is available and it's not surprisingly THE DARK KNIGHT. Facebook and WB are currently charging 30 Facebook Credits / $3 for the rental of THE DARK KNIGHT. Renters will have access to the film for 48 hours with complete control of the movie including rewinding, pausing and all those other great VCR functions we got in the early 80s. And, yes, you'll be able to post comments and status updates while you watch the movie. ("OMG, they should totes bring the joker back teh sequell!!")

More movies are expected to become available assuming the pilot program isn't a complete disaster.

So do you think you'll ever use this? I mean, isn't TDK available On-Demand for free?

Source: JoBlo.com



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