Movie Advice from a 4 Year Old - Titanic (video)

Movies make no sense. If it is a good movie, we go with it. If it sucks, we sit there thinking "What are they doing?" and "Why am I not watching porn instead?" We suspend our disbelief when we watch movies, that is what makes them so great. And with many years of watching movies we tend to know what is going to happen. But not a 4 year old. They don't get that movies aren't real. They don't understand that common sense logic gets thrown out the door. They just know that rules that apply to them should apply to everyone. And if one person in the family is having dessert, everyone gets dessert.

So I'm going to start looking at movies with a 4 year old mind. Luckily I anticipated this revelation in my life and created a human being 4 years ago, so now all the planets are perfectly aligned. I'll explain the plot of a movie to my son and simply ask him his advice, what should happen at this point in the story.

Our first movie is TITANIC. Why? Because if there was ever a time and place people should have taken simple and better advice, that was it. Plus, it was the first movie I saw when I looked at my dvd selection (sorry, SHOWGIRLS had fallen onto the floor)

Extra Tidbit: What movie should I ask his advice for next? Don't say PAW PATROL - he's already seen every last one of them.
Source: JoBlo.com



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