Neill Blomkamp updates us on his Alien film with new concept art

The start of 2015 kicked off with some brilliant concept art for an ALIEN project that Neill Blomkamp was just "messing around with." Fans and (more importantly) Twentieth Century Fox took note, one thing led to another and now that ALIEN film will become a reality! Things have been pretty quiet on the pre-production front, but Blomkamp threw fans an update via his Instagram with a new concept art picture and a few choice words to assure us things are on the right track!

Neill Blomkamp on his ALIEN project:

#alien going very well. Love this project

While it's not much, it's promising. Concept art for Blomkamp's ALIEN film have excited fans more than most films do with an entire trailer, and that says a lot for how in-demand a great ALIEN sequel is. I'd say any news is good news, as I want this project to follow through like it's nobody business. Is it too soon to to hear about an official title and some casting news?!? At the very least, confirm that Michael Biehn is back as Hicks!

Source: Instagram



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