Manly clips from Red Dawn, The Master, The Walking Dead, and Les Miserables

All of these new clips share something in common: they are about dudes being dudes. These four videos are a veritable sausage-fest of testosterone and manliness. You have a clip of guys fighting for their country, men contemplating the nature of their true selves, hombres fighting zombies, and heartfelt singing about life and death. Uh, okay that last one is a stretch.

First up is a clip from the remake of RED DAWN focusing on the opening moments of the invasion. As a fan of the 80s classic, I am not sure if this movie will have the same impact as the original. With the numerous delays, the film already feels pretty dated, but this clip shows it may still be a fun action flick.

RED DAWN looks like it may not be god awful, but nothing will replace the original. We will find out just how good or bad this version of the story is when it opens on November 21st.

Next, we have a new clip/trailer from PT Anderson's THE MASTER

THE MASTER opened in theaters everywhere today. If you see any movie this weekend, make it THE MASTER

The next clip is a new teaser for the upcoming third season of THE WALKING DEAD. All indications are that this season is going to rewrite what we know about the series. Apparently they are distancing themselves from Frank Darabont's vision of the show. Why, I have no idea, but lets hope it is the right decision. Rumors are that we will get an all new title sequence and a lot of zombie action in the first few episodes.

I am so pumped up to see how they handle The Governer and the prison. I hope it lives up to the comic book! THE WALKING DEAD returns on AMC on October 14th.

Lastly, we have a TV spot for Tom Hooper's LES MISERABLES. While some of you may not consider a musical to be manly, this is not about shrinking violets or big dance numbers. LES MISERABLES is a big and dramatic vision of a deeply dark period of French history. Take that and the trials that Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) must go through, you will see the true test of a man and a father. This new spot definitely amps up the emotional content in a brief clip.

LES MISERABLES opens on Christmas Day.

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