New images & poster drop for Silence with first trailer on the way

2016 may be considered by many to be the worst year ever in the history of humanity, but it’s better than most for one firm reason: We have a new Martin Scorsese movie on the way. SILENCE has been a labor of love for the legendary director for many years, and we’re sooooo close to seeing the epic from the master. If you need more of a reminder as to how close we actually are here's the new poster that just dropped courtesy of Paramount Pictures, which comes ahead of the first trailer which is set for tomorrow in front of ALLIED and everywhere on Saturday. Happy day!

Have a gander!

The poster certainly wasn’t what I was expecting, especially given the very tropical-looking settings in the stills we’ve seen. There’s a very cold vibe that comes from it, and when you look at a close-up of Neeson he looks like some tortured subject in a Renaissance painting. It’s an interesting take, but I can see how some wouldn’t like it. If you are one of those folks hopefully you can be wooed by some new images from the flick (via Coming Soon) for your viewing pleasure, all of which put Andrew Garfield center-stage.

There’s little that could diminish my excitement for this movie, which to me looks like nothing Scorsese has done in the past. After all these years and films the man is still surprising me with his passion. Needless to say if this movie fails I will lose all hope in society, and will take to the hills of some desolate country to whittle shoes for native goats and write heartfelt poems about clouds. So, yeah, I have high hopes for this flick.

SILENCE is set for limited release on December 23 before going wide in January with Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver and Liam Neeson.



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