New Kung Fu director

UPDATE _ Variety has confirmed the Coming Soon report below about Max Makowski directing KUNG FU for Warner Bros.

After snatching rocks and taming the West on the 70s show KUNG FU (and again on some made-for-TV movies, and then again on a syndicated series in the 90s), clean-skulled martial artist Kwai Chang Caine is wandering to theaters courtesy of Warner Bros.

His Shaolin master behind the camera will apparently now be Max Makowski, replacing the yin-yang team of the Hughes Brothers (DEAD PRESIDENTS) who were previously attached. The flick is already searching for a new Caine, so it looks like Makowski is a permanent fixture in the director's chair. He was recently scheduled to take on a different martial arts discipline -- ninjutsu -- with a remake of the Japanese action-romance SHINOBI, but that seems to have stepped into shadow for the moment.

The original KUNG FU series starred David Carradine (who somehow won the role over Bruce Lee) as a punching monk turned altruistic vagabond (or as some might call him, "a bum") who meanders across America using mastery of open-handed combat to protect the innocent and smack the shit out of gun-wielding villains.
Extra Tidbit: Although Bruce Lee didn't get the role in the original series, his son Brandon later appeared in KUNG FU: THE MOVIE as Caine's own illegitimate offspring.
Source: Coming Soon



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