New micro-doc talks about the making of cult classic "Turkish Star Wars"

I've stated my love for bad movies many times before, and while there are a few films that get a lot of overexposed..."adoration"...from bad movie fans (your THE ROOMs, your BIRDEMICs, your FATEFUL FINDINGS), one always seems to slip through the cracks. And that's TURKISH STAR WARS (a.k.a. THE MAN WHO SAVES THE WORLD), an incompetent Turkish rip-off of STAR WARS (straight up stealing footage, music cues, and sound effects from the film) to create their own crazy masterpiece. This clip alone makes my day everytime I see it:

Anyway, Neon Harbor has made a mini-documentary about the making of this "film". Here's the official synopsis:

[A]n 8-minute micro-documentary about the making of the Turkish STAR WARS rip-off THE MAN WHO SAVES THE WORLD...a bizarre, ultra-low-budget sci-fi/fantasy flick from the ‘80s that steals footage from STAR WARS (and more) and music from INDIANA (and more!). And it’s one of the weirdest things ever captured on film. But its origins have never been adequately explored. And virtually no-one knows about its bonkers, unproduced sequel from 2009...

The doc also has "hitherto-unknown information about the film", which is fascinating unto itself. It details the cultural landscape that would lead to such a film, as well as its eventual reception and notoriety. I'd definitely give it a look if you enjoy bad movies, weird foreign rip-offs, or behind-the-scenes docs in general!

Meanwhile, you can see more videos like this here. I recommend it!

Extra Tidbit: This movie is bonkers, you have to see it!
Source: YouTube



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