New movies @ home?

With all of the continual changes in the world of video, distribution, the Internet, DVD and entertainment, I suppose that it was inevitable that we actually discuss the possibility of major motion pictures being shown in your own living room home theater on the SAME DAY as they open across the nation! That's right, according to the folks at EW (great story by Nicole Sperling), Comcast, the nation's largest cable operator, had spoken with major film studios about offering movies on pay-per-view the SAME DAY they hit theaters. They would likely cost between $30-50 (think about this though, if you get 4-5 people to chip in, it's the same price as in theaters), but remember that you don't have to leave your house, park, buy overpriced nachos or have to deal with cellular phones, people who talk and morons in general (unless you are that very moron, in which case, this won't help you much).

Of course, theater owners are "up in arms" about this possibility, but according to EW, 5 of the 6 major studios have already partnered with Comcast to test a separate system in two cities that allows viewers to watch movies on pay-per-view the same day as the DVD hits stores (Sony didn't participate). I personally LIKE this idea. In fact, I think it's inevitable, but more importantly for smaller films, a great opportunity. I imagine that all those people whose cities were not chosen to feature "indie" films like PAN'S LABYRINTH, WAITRESS or LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, would surely have checked them out if they could simply sit down and watch them at home. Of course, I'd always want to keep seeing the "blockbusters" on the big screen (i.e. TRANSFORMERS), but does it really matter if you check out a film like DISTURBIA at home or in the theaters? Probably not. Anyway, that's my 3 cents, what think you?

Extra Tidbit: I watched THE ENTITY for the first time last night. Pretty f*cked up stuff, although a not so satisfying ending. Barbara Hershey rocked though.
Source: Ew.com



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