New Mummy video

Rob Cohen, a man who hasn’t made many films that a lot of us like, is however, not a bad tour guide and an even better dresser. The director of THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR, has updated his production blog with a new video called ‘1st Night’ that features the suave (check out that scarf!) filmmaker taking us on a tour of a rather impressive set in China, which is a recreation of a major strip in 1940s Shanghai. You also get some really cool shots of a car chase being filmed, and the magnitude of this shoot reminds me once again that I will never ever be capable of doing anything like this. It’s all very depressing, really. No more Rob Cohen Mummy blogs for me! They just make me realize what a nothing I am. Either way, cool looking set Rob, and I really hope your movie doesn’t stink, for all of our sakes. Check out the latest vid HERE.

Extra Tidbit: A friend of mine was an Assistant Director on the set of this film when it shot in Montreal. One day she saw Jet Li beat the incredible looks off Brendan Fraser's face. In front of cameras, of course.



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