New release dates and poster for Marvel's Inhumans TV series

A new poster and updated release dates for Marvel's big television/IMAX event INHUMANS are here and it looks like a slight shift from the original plans, but nothing too drastic. Originally slated to debut on September 26th on ABC, INHUMANS will now debut on September 29th on the network, which is about four weeks after the IMAX debut on September 1st. Both the IMAX event and initial TV debut date will showcase the first two episodes, both of which were shot with IMAX cameras.

Here's the new poster:

So, not a whole lot to write home about, I guess. The INHUMANS are fairly cool in the comics, although their appeal hasn't grown much over the past few years as Marvel has tried continuously to push them on us, due largely to the fact that Fox owns the X-Men film property, making the Inhumans the MCU version of the X-Men. There's appeal here, but nothing has me surging with excitement to see this as of yet, including this new poster. I'm kind of annoyed that Black Bolt (as played by Anson Mount) isn't wearing his trademark mask, which wouldn't really be that big of a deal if he were ever seen without it in the comics. I mean, he's ALWAYS wearing it and, well, it's kinda cool. I know, I'm nitpicking, but there you have it. I'm open to this show and will likely check out the IMAX event, but my expectations are low (or at least open, at this point).

One thing going for it is that it's only 8 episodes, which allows for a more lean and to-the-point mode of storytelling, unlike the 20 + episode comic book series' that suck the life out of your viewing schedule. Also, it'll be good to see Ramsay Bolton Iwan Rheon be a conniving bastard on TV again.

INHUMANS hits IMAX on September 1st and debuts on ABC on September 29th.

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