New stills and plot details for Thor: The Dark World

Looks like things are getting more complicated in THOR: THE DARK WORLD.

USA Today released some new stills along with some new plot points for the sequel. When we last left Thor and his lady Jane, he vowed that he would find a way back to her. They do in fact reunite, but how do they bridge that gap? Signs point to the fact that Jane is in trouble. While Thor was busy saving the planet, Jane had to go into hiding but that was for her own protection. How is he going to smooth over the time spent apart from her? I think he has a good excuse. Regardess, he's going to have to make it up according to Chris Hemsworth, "Thor still has lot of explaining to do, and a lot of making up. Even demigods end up in the doghouse, mate. So none of us is safe."

With her life in danger, Jane moves from Earth to Asgard as you can see from the still below. There's definitely an adjustment period according to Kevin Feige, "So while Thor was a fish out of water on Earth in the first two films (Thor and The Avengers), this time Jane is very much a fish out of water in Asgard."

There's also some competition for Thor's heart care of the badass Sif played by Jaimie Alexander. Life is hard.

Don't forget that the first trailer is coming this week!

Source: USA Today



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