Annette Bening shines in new trailer for 20th Century Women

Now that November has started the Oscar season is officially kicking into high gear, as this month will see a bevy of releases that either prove to be real contenders, or fall flat on their face. This weekend alone sees the release of Mel Gibson’s awards-hopeful, HACKSAW RIDGE, while next week we get the critically-acclaimed ARRIVAL. However anticipated those movies are, there are smaller movies coming out this year that are flying under the radar, but are still getting the same amount of critical praise. One of those movies is 20TH CENTURY WOMEN with Annette Bening, Elle Fanning and Greta Gerwig. Though the movie looks like it will be more of an acting showcase than an all-around Oscar behemoth (much like Mike Mills’ other movie, BEGINNERS), Bening looks like a top contender here.

See for yourself below!

The movie has been getting rave reviews with most, if not all, piling the praise on Bening who is looking like a sure-fire nominee for Best Actress at the 2017 Oscars. The movie itself looks interesting, and appears to represent an open discussion on the nature both femininity and masculinity in a time when it seems both are so indefinable...and it also shows Billy Crudup as an aged version of his ALMOST FAMOUS character. No matter what Bening needs to win her trophy. How she didn't get it for AMERICAN BEAUTY still keeps me up at night!

20TH CENTURY WOMEN is set for December 25.

Source: A24



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