New trailer for Will Ferrell's Casa de mi Padre is jam packed with Mexican hilarity

CASA DE MI PADRE, Will Ferrell's latest and truly bizarre-looking comedy that's a send-up of 'telenovelas' with that now familiar Gary Sanchez twist, has got a new full length trailer. And once again, it's funny because a white guy acting like a Mexican simply is. That is why it's funny, right?

This makes the film pretty ballsy to be hinging on such a weird concept, a concept that could deliver on the hope that this will be another oddball classic like ANCHORMAN, or a film that just completely falls flat for being too darn niche. What do you think? Does Ferrell still have what it takes to deliver? Or has his schtick truly run its course?

CASA DE MI PADRE opens March 16th.

Synopsis: Armando Alvarez (Will Ferrell) has lived and worked on his father’s ranch in Mexico his entire life. As the ranch faces financial strains, Armando’s younger brother Raul (Diego Luna) shows up with his new fiancee, Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez) and pledges to settle all his father’s debts. It seems that Raul’s success as an international businessman means the ranch’s troubles are over, but when Armando falls for Sonia, and Raul’s business dealings turn out to be less than legit, the Alvarez family finds themselves in a full-out war with Mexico’s most feared drug lord, the mighty Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal).

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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