Nick Stahl in T4?

Just the other day came the official announcement that Skynet's surplus of Hunter/Killers and deadly endoskeletons would be en route to theaters for more TERMINATOR movies courtesy of new rights owners, but no other details were offered.

Will actor Nick Stahl return to the role that Edward Furlong once made excruciating? TERMINATOR 4 will apparently involve John Connor's futuristic crusade against those metal motherf*ckers, and 'Master Sgt. Candy' tells us that (as rumored/expected) Stahl is not only part of the "option package" on the sequel(s), but is indeed giving consideration to coming back (we suspect he's being assaulted with bags of legal tender).

Regardless of who the filmmakers in-Stahl, the plan is still to shove a new TERMINATOR model through the time displacement equipment for 2009. We'll also learn more of Connor's quality time with mom -- Fox has officially picked up the SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES series for TV. Although considering Fox's treatment of genre material these days, it's probably already canceled.
Extra Tidbit: Given the rather unpleasant treatment of his face and genetalia in SIN CITY, it's unlikely Stahl will reprise that yellow role for the sequel.
Source: JoBlo



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