Nicolas Cage goes up in smoke in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer

My only experience with the original GHOST RIDER film would be catching 45 minutes of it on a plane ride last weekend as the guy diagonal from me watched on his laptop. I couldn't hear the sound, but the sheer ridiculousness of it translated nonetheless.

Most would say the original is one of the goofier superhero films out in recent memory, but it put up surprisingly big box office numbers, so naturally a sequel was in order.

The first trailer for GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE is below, and looks to be a bit larger in scale than the first one, with slightly better fire effects. A flaming skeleton still looks a tad goofy wandering around on screen, but I suppose that's just how it has to be.

Is there some contingent of avid GHOST RIDER movie fans I'm overlooking? Is anyone excited for this?

Extra Tidbit: Nicolas Cage is not an action hero people. I don't know why you keep trying to make him one.
Source: JoBlo.com



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