Nintendo debuts its next console, the WiiU

After one of the most confusing press conferences I've seen in my entire life, the dust has settled and it's become clear exactly what we just witnessed at E3.

Nintendo has debuted their next generation console, but during the conference, decided to only feature the new controller for the system, which perplexed everyone as to if the controller WAS the new console.

But no, as seen above, it's a controller and a box, same as usual. It's fully backwards compatible and can even employ the Wiimote for some features. The graphics have been upgraded, and from the demos look just shy of what the PS3 and 360 are capable of.

The real story, as Nintendo wanted to hammer home, is the controller, which augments games using a six inch touchscreen that can bring up menus, show player specific views or alternate camera angles. it can also transfer a full console game to its handheld screen if the TV is taken over by a family member.The tech looks like it could have some cool applications, but it's hard to know with so few details released.

We don't know the hardware specs of the console itself, nor how much it will cost, or even any titles for it, save one, a promised Smash Bros. installment. All other games featured (including some Zelda footage) were said to be tech demos, and not actual titles, although someday in theory they could be. Also this will NOT be out by the holiday, and won't be seen until at least after March 31st, 2012.

So, what are your thoughts on the WiiU?

Extra Tidbit: I think they would have been better off ditching the Wii name, showing the box and the controller immediately together, and then just going from there. Far easier that way.
Source: Wired



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