No Bubba Nosferatu?

There's been talk of Bruce Campbell growing the sideburns and slipping on the TCB shades to play elder Elvis once more in a sequel to the cult fave BUBBA HO-TEP. Supposedly the follow-up, often referred to as BUBBA NOSFERATU, would find The King dealing with Vegas vampires and his evil boss Colonel Tom Parker.

If that sounded good to you, looks like you'll be spending some time at Heartbreak Hotel. The Chin says it ain't happening, at least not with him in the sequin jumpsuit. Campbell bluntly told Fangoria that the project "sleeps with the fishes." The reason? You guessed it -- "creative differences". Bruce and writer/director Don Coscarelli didn't see eye-to-eye on the movie's direction, and preferred to keep their friendship intact. Coscarelli is considering the possibility of recasting the part, but acknowledges the obvious difficulty of replacing The Chin.

Campbell also says that the EVIL DEAD remake and FREDDY vs. JASON vs. ASH are basically buried, but doesn't completely dismiss the forever-discussed fourth EVIL DEAD movie.
Extra Tidbit: Coscarelli has also long been trying to get a fifth PHANTASM movie into production.
Source: Fangoria



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