No Lobo for Guy Ritchie

We kind of already knew this but producer Joel Silver confirmed what we all suspected - Guy Ritchie won't be directing LOBO. Ritchie seemed to hint that the news of him directing LOBO was shaky at best during the SHERLOCK HOLMES press junket saying at the time that directing the film was "not a matter of fact." And with star Robert Downey, Jr. leaving COWBOYS VS. ALIENS to concentrate his attention on SHERLOCK HOLMES 2, Ritchie appears to be doing the same.

Silver spoke to the LA Times and said that Warner Bros., the studio behind both SHERLOCK and LOBO, "wants us and Guy to focus on making another SHERLOCK HOLMES." When asked if he thought that LOBO could wait for Ritchie to complete work on HOLMES 2 he said it's more likely that the film would move forward with a new director.

Meanwhile Silver and crew are trying to move forward quickly on HOLMES 2 and once again the question of Brad Pitt playing Holmes' nemesis Moriarty came up. The Times said Silver seemed less optimistic that could happen with the producer saying, "Well, I mean, we talked about that at one point, but you know as of right now we're not sure what we're going to do."

Extra Tidbit: If not Ritchie then who could direct a LOBO film?
Source: LA Times



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