NYC attacked by ghosts! Who you gonna call?

When you hear about a team that runs around Manhattan taking care of ghosts, there's really only one crew you're going to think about. Legendary Pictures is hoping you have room in your head for another one though with their upcoming film SPECTRAL. 

SPECTRAL doesn't even have a script yet but from the pitch it sounds like a much more action-oriented film, as it focuses on a spec ops group that's been formed to fight ghosts that have taken over Manhattan. 

Writer Ian Fried (pictured) sold the pitch to Legendary for a cool six figures, apparently by presenting a "rip reel", a mashup of other films that showed off what the tone and visual style would look like. Be interesting to hear what films he used in it, and if one starts with GHOST and ends with BUSTERS. You don't know Fried just yet but he's sold two big scripts recently- THE EVER AFTER MURDERS, which has fairy tale characters Tom Thumb and Rachel Riding investigating a killing, and the Gothic Jack the Ripper story GASLIGHT.

A darker and more serious GHOSTBUSTERS certainly sounds like the recipe for a hit though, and hell, I'm always in the mood to see my city get destroyed for the umpteenth time.

Extra Tidbit: The firehouse from Ghostbusters is real, and they have the sign from Ghostbusters II still hanging up on their wall!
Source: THR



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