Oculus VR game Marvel Power United lets you rampage as the Hulk!

For the first time ever, it seems like VR will actually finally be a thing. Companies have tried many times to make VR mainstream - most disastrously with Nintendo's Virtua-Boy - but the gimmick never stuck. But having experienced VR first hand, they've seemed to fix most of the bugs from previous consumer versions, as well as the fact graphics and interactive environments have improved exponentially since the tech was first introduced.

So what's the first thing VR has been used for in fiction? Okay, second thing after porn (which is a thing)? Well...having super powers! And that's where the upcoming Oculus Rift VR game MARVEL POWER UNLIMITED comes in, which lets you play as such favorites as Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Rocket Raccoon. Even whatever-the-fuck Lockjaw is shows up as well!

You can see a demonstration in the trailer below:

So which Marvel hero would you Schmoes like to play as? I'd personally like to try Squirrel Girl.

Extra Tidbit: Wonder what mechanic they're using for forward movement, which has been one of the sticking points for VR games.
Source: YouTube



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