Oh, hai clever marketing campaign for James Franco's The Disaster Artist

When it comes to marketing a film, early buzz and good word of mouth can only take your project so far. That's part of why having a great promotional campaign leading up to your movie's release is always a solid plan. In recent times, A24, the entertainment company in charge of promoting James Franco's THE DISASTER ARTIST, a film based on Tommy Wiseau's THE ROOM, have executed a series of clever and nostalgic promos to help rasie awareness for the upcoming comedy.

Last week, A24 allowed fans to print out a headshot of James Franco as Tommy Wiseau for free. While the image serves no purpose other than to be a free collectible item related to the film, it is a pretty righteous way to utilize a few drops of printer ink and a single piece of Xerox paper. In fact, why not do it right now? Click here to download your own 13.5" x 20" print-ready image. You can hang it in your cubicle, tape it to the face of your favorite blow-up doll, or tack it to the dartboard in your basement game room. How you choose to use it is up to you. You have the power.

In more recent times, A24 unveiled a new billboard for THE DISASTER ARTIST that serves as a callback to the 2003 cult classic. You can find the new billboard in the same place where the original had been posted by Wiseau, more than a decade ago. The billboard once again asks viewers to call a number to "RSVP" for a screening of the film. However, when curious citizens call the number, they're greeted by an automated voice message from Wiseau that states the following:

“You’ve reached voicemail of Tommy Wiseau,” the message says. “I’m very busy guy. Maybe on another call, or maybe I just don’t want to talk to you. I’m joking, my friend. Leave me a message. Ha ha ha.” Unfortunately, I've tried calling the number myself, and the inbox was already full.


They didn’t get the RSVP sign right smh

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Give me a call (323)616-2024

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James Franco's THE DISASTER ARTIST will say hai to moviegoers beginning on December 1st



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