Oldboy remake back on and looking to Steven Spielberg, Matthew Vaughn, and Danny Boyle as possible helmers

Talk of an OLDBOY remake is back.

Remember when Will Smith and Steven Spielberg were working together to make an American version of OLDBOY happen? Okay well, according to them it was more like an adaptation of the original manga. Eventually the two went their separate ways and the talk just died out. Until today...

According to a tweet from Pajiba, Mandate Pictures is ready to turn in a draft from writer Mark Protosevich (THE CELL, I AM LEGEND, THOR). They say that the script will go out to directors Spielberg and Matthew Vaughn. If they turn it down they will send it to Danny Boyle.

/Film reported the side note that the producers do not have the script in their possession yet. It's added that the above directors are part of a "wishlist".

I find it sort of funny that if Spielberg and Vaughn pass on it that they will let Boyle have it. Why can't they just send it out to all three and see who bites first? Then base the decision on who offers the best treatment of the film. Actually there's something more funny than that--Will Smith in a role originally played by Min-sik Choi baffles me.

Who knows if Smith will get another offer for the part. I hope he doesn't.

Extra Tidbit: Do you want a remake/adaptation/whateverthef*ck of OLDBOY?
Source: Pajiba



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