Paul Feig talks Spy sequel with Jason Statham

I know everyone's busy shitting all over the new GHOSTBUSTERS flick that's about to be released, but before all the controversy, there was Paul Feig's Spy, and it was good. I mean, REALLY good. For those of us who have had the pleasure, SPY poked fun at the genre with a welcomed R-rating and some fantastic performances by Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne and, of course, Jason Statham. So what are the odds of us seeing a sequel to this flick? Pretty good, it seems! Paul Feig recently spoke with Empire regarding the film and his plan for a sequel!

Paul Feig on a sequel to SPY:

That’s another world that I don’t want to walk away from. It's the first thing I did that I set up to be a possible franchise and Melissa is dying to do it. I have a story for it, and a funny idea that will kick it off that involves Statham. Susan Cooper is one of my favorite characters I’ve ever come up with but Rick Ford is possibly the one I’ll take to the grave with me. Will he get any more self-aware in the sequel? No, god no. He’ll get less self-aware.

To date, I've yet to see a Paul Feig film and be disappointed, and SPY won me over so hard last year. It was a great set-up, there was some great gags and it holds up well to repeat viewings. If Feig has an idea for a sequel and is down for bringing back Statham, I'll be first in line to check it out in theaters!

Paul Feig's next film, GHOSTBUSTERS, opens in theaters on July 15, 2016.

Source: Empire



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