Paul Walker is Agent 47 for Fox's Hitman Reboot


Deadline has an exclusive that Fox International Productions is rebooting HITMAN and Paul Walker has signed on as the bald headed lead. The film, called AGENT 47, comes from a script by Skip Woods (who also did script duties for the original) and Michael Finch. Behind the camera for his first directing duties on a feature film is Aleksander Bach, who is known for his commercials for Nike, Chevorlet, and others.

The original film from 2007, starring Timothy Olyphant, made over $100 million worldwide and another $27 million in DVD sales. Fox believes that there's potential to increase those numbers in AGENT 47, especially in foreign markets.

I've dabbled in the games a bit and watched the movie, but the idea of rebooting HITMAN is a little absurd to me. There have been so many fantastic video games that would make great films, so why double dip...besides for the money of course? How is it we're getting a reboot of HITMAN already (and there's been like a dozen RESIDENT EVIL movies), but no Halo or BioShock films yet?

After Paul Walker finishes up his global press tour for FAST AND FURIOUS 6 (sometime this summer), filming will start in Berlin and Singapore. Of course they also have to wait for Paul Walker to shave his head first. 

Extra Tidbit: Hardcore HITMAN fans: will you watch this? Do you WANT this?
Source: Deadline



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