Penelope Cruz naked

ELEGY Come on, you didn't think we'd really have a pic of Penelope Cruz naked splayed out for ya right here, did you? The truth is, I'm not really sure why the internets has recently been all up in a tizzy about the fact that she shows off her naked bod while bumping uglies with *gulp* Ben Kingsley in the upcoming indie drama ELEGY seeing as how she's been naked in damn near every film she's done. However, the internets seem to be excited about it so we might as well be too. In the film, she plays a student who starts a torrid affair with her professor (Kingsley). And, if you've been jonesing to see Patricia Clarkson all nudified then you're in for a double treat. Check out the quite cleary NSFW action in the form of three red band clips and a trailer over HERE. The film opens June 27th in limited release. Thanks to Shawn for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: Check out a compilation of Cruz' nudography RIGHT HERE (Warning: NSFW!!)
Source: Trailer Addict



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