Pitt falls into Void

Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B is teaming up with Indian conglomerate Reliance Big Pictures and video game publisher Capcom to bring DARK VOID to the big screen.

I was surprised to hear about a Capcom game being turned into a movie that I hadn’t played yet, until I realized that the title isn’t even out, and had been delayed until 2010. So what’s it all about?

"Capcom will release "Dark Void," about a pilot who crash lands in the Bermuda Triangle following a routine mission and wakes up to find himself in an alternate world resembling a primitive earth where aliens with superior technology are planning to take over civilization, in North America and Europe in January next year."

Judging by the cover art, the game also features awesome jet packs, and as everyone knows, you really can’t go wrong with jet packs. If it’s Capcom, I have a reasonable amount of faith the game will be good, but a movie? As with any video game film, I’m going to need a lot more convincing.

Extra Tidbit: When's the sure-to-be-forthcoming MEGA MAN movie going to be announced?
Source: Variety



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