Power Rangers TV Spots show some new footage, possibly solves Rita mystery

So the release of POWER RANGERS is just a month away, and the onslaught of advertisements has finally begun. Now, I know many of you are skeptical of this reboot, but I've been all in since the first trailer, and the new ones just keep getting goofier, more over-top, and - most importantly - fun. I'm honestly hoping for the best. But for those on the fence, here's some TV spots to hopefully whet your appetite:

Not a ton of new footage, admittedly, but there's still some fun tidbits to gleam from the footage. We have some more action set-pieces, the reveal that Billy is kind of a pyromaniac, and Elizabeth Banks vamping it up as Rita Repulsa. Speaking of Rita, it seems that one of the TV spots seems to imply that she indeed used to be a Power Ranger (a long-rumored new origin for her, due to her outfit looking like a ripped-up Green Ranger costume) when she says "I used to be just like you...full of hope". While not confirmation per se, this seems to be the closest we've come to one.

I guess we'll find out for sure when POWER RANGERS will "GO, GO" and morph into theaters March 24th, 2017.

I also hope that shitty cover of the POWER RANGERS theme in the Japanese TV spot isn't the one in the film. Because, holy shit, that was bad. 

Extra Tidbit: Actresses for Rita changed multiple times throughout the TV series, though the voice actress dubbing her remained the same.
Source: YouTube



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