Quentin goes beserk

A lot of you are going to watch the following video and call Quentin Tarantino a prick for accosting a man with a movie camera, because isn’t that what Quentin is too, just a man with a movie camera? But the difference is Quentin uses his camera to shoot Uma Thurman cut up some yakuza, and this dude uses it to film Tarantino drinking a coffee in what looks like one of the more depressing places in Park City. What disturbs me is I can't decide which is more entertaining. What’s great about the clip is that Tarantino tries to slap this guy out even before he finds out he’s a paparazzi, which means he was read to smack down a ‘regular citizen.’ Not to say that paparazzo aren’t regular, they just have bigger genitals than the rest of us (deal with the devil). Check out the clip BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: Tarantino is on the jury of this year's Sundance film fest, which is why he's in Park City.
Source: YouTube



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