Quite a few new Rogue One pics will get you excited about more Star Wars

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There has been a wealth of ROGUE ONE information getting poured on our heads the last couple of days as a result of Entertainment Weekly's impressive STAR WARS access (You can find some HERE and HERE and HERE for starters). It almost feels like too much this early, considering we still have to wait until December to see the whole damn thing. I have my theories on changing the narrative about the movie, given all the reshoot theories that have been floating around in recent weeks, but whatever it is... It's working. People are talking about ROGUE ONE in an enthusiastic fashion once again and not like a bunch of Chicken Littles claiming that the sky is falling. 

Well, the ROGUE ONE onslaught isn't letting up anytime soon, it appears, with EW dropping another cache of imagery (head HERE to check out the gallery in its entirety and for more narrative detail) for you to pine and drool over... and why wouldn't you? There are Deathtroopers and Stormtroopers going for a swim and Ben Mendelsohn looking menacing and... Hell, do you really need me to tell you all about it? Here... Have a looksie for yourself. 

Oh, and don't forget... ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY opens in theaters on December 16.

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star wars, rogue one, stormtroopers

Source: EW



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