Rampage with Dwayne Johnson will destroy a city near you April 2018

For those of you who forgot (either by natural forgetfulness or by spending hours going through intensive psychotherapy to force the mental demons out), a movie based on the hit video game, RAMPAGE, is coming. It’s coming for you, it’s coming for your family and, above all, it’s coming for your money. But we have an advantage now, for we know exactly when the invasion will take place.

Much like yesterday when we announced the releases for M:I 6 and DOWNSIZING, a few new release dates have been dropped for varying projects, one of them for RAMPAGE. The official release date for the movie is officially April 20, 2018, a date everyone should officially mark on their calendars.

The movie’s only direct competition will be an untitled R-rated comedy from Universal, but will have only two weeks before AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR shatters the planet. The film is set to star Dwayne Johnson and will be directed by SAN ANDREAS helmer, Brad Peyton, as the two of them continue to look for ways to destroy major metropolitan areas.

As well, it was announced that the newest version of A STAR IS BORN starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is set for later that year on September 28, 2018. The movie will act as a directorial debut for Cooper, after director Clint Eastwood dropped out. Don't know what else to say here.

I have fond memories choosing my character when playing the RAMPAGE game as a child. I got out a lot of my youthful rage as an oversized gorilla, smashing buildings with a joy in my eyes that can only be fueled by the destructive desires of small boys. Whether or not I’m excited for the movie is one thing, but it will no doubt be a chaos-driven thrill ride. A STAR IS BORN could be good, but a lot is hanging on Cooper’s yet-to-be-discovered directorial prowess. But I'm sure some scoffed when Ben Affleck started directing, and those people are now in a special island prison.

RAMPAGE will destroy everything on April 20, 2018, and A STAR IS BORN will follow on September 28, 2018.

Source: THRWarner Bros.



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