Release dates set for Mission: Impossible 6 & Alexander Payne's Downsizing

Get ready to light the fuse, boys and girls, because soon we’re gonna be back to hanging off airplanes, scaling skyscrapers and basking in the badassery of Tom Cruise. Yes, after some news that claimed Cruise was causing a delay in the preproduction, we will finally be getting the sixth installment of the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise, but when we would be getting this rousing capper starring a movie star in his 50's has been a big question. I have the answer in this envelope here, and I will tell you right…now!

Paramount announced a few release dates for some of their upcoming movies last night, and one of them included the highly-anticipated action flick, setting it for July 27, 2018. Anyone with a knack for dates will recall this is also the planned date for DC's AQUAMAN with Jason Momoa, so chances are we will see some shift for one of the two movies.

The series continued its hot streak with the release of ROGUE NATION last year with Christopher McQuarrie at the helm, and the studio hopes to keep the gravy train going by retaining the director for this sixth outing. McQuarrie also wrote the script for the movie, and he promised it features not one, but three scenes of Cruise running away from mechanized land sharks. Okay I made that up, but I figured I’d float that suggestion before it was too late.

In other news, Paramount also announced a release date for the new Alexander Payne (SIDEWAYS, ELECTION) movie, DOWNSIZING, starring Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Christoph Waltz, Alec Baldwin, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Sudeikis. The film will be released in the heart of Oscar season on December 22, 2017. That is all.

This is great news for anyone who’s a fan of grade A action, and works of art from a true auteur of our time. Though JACK REACHER 2 left something to be desired, there’s no doubt Cruise has been putting out some premium material as of late, including the two recent MISSION movies and EDGE OF TOMORROW. By the time the sixth MISSION movie is filming Cruise will be nearing 55 years old, so I expect him to pull off an even bigger stunt than in the last two to prove he's truly not a mortal being of this Earth. As for the DOWNSIZING news I’m a huge fan of Payne and am glad Paramount has so much faith in his movie to give it such a prestigious release slot. I hope it’s not some mean Christmas trick, even though it would be classic Paramount. I know they were the ones who cloaked my car in goose grease last year.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6 is set for July 27, 2018, while DOWNSIZING will arrive near Christmas 2017.

Source: ParamountTHR



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