Tom Cruise chooses to accept Mission Impossible 6, begrudgingly

You know, I like Tom Cruise. As an actor. As a person, I don't know (mainly because if I was the kind of person who hung out with Cruise on the reg, I probably wouldn't need to support myself writing on the internet). And I like the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movies for the most part as well. There's never been a bad MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie (I actually love the early '00s goofiness of the John Woo-directed sequel) and Brad Bird's GHOST PROTOCOL was an actually great spy film, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE name or no.

This brings us to MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6 (though I'm sure that'll be replaced with some vague and generic subtitle) to be directed by ROGUE NATION director Christopher McQuarrie (who, in my opinion, did one of the blander entries). Having McQuarrie return would be a first for the series, which before had switched directors - and styles - between each installment.

However, there almost wasn't a new installment, as The Hollywood Reporter reports that Cruise almost left the project due to disagreements with the studio, Paramount Pictures. This included, among other things, dispute over back-end compensation.

Things seem to be going forward with the film, however, as both sides seem to have come to an amicable agreement. Pre-production has resumed on the film, with the studio aiming for a planned summer release next year. 

So you guys excited? And what's your favorite M:I movie?

Extra Tidbit: David Fincher and Joe Carnahan were both approached at one point for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 before J.J. Abrams ended up taking the gig.
Source: THR



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