Red Bull to produce a 3D parkour based-take on Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist Fagin's Den

This... I.. what? I'm not necessarily opposed to this idea or shooting it down immediately or anything, but I hope you can understand how I honestly never imagined that I would be writing an article about Red Bull producing a 3D version of OLIVER TWIST set in the present day, based in Parkour, and retitled as TWIST.

Which works as a nice double-title-entrendre, seeing as how they're putting a new "twist" on an old tale.  I really do hope whoever came up with that got a bonus, because its borderline genius.  Or at least really awesome.

The movie's new-ish plot "will center around the novel's Fagin Gang, which will use the physical vaulting art of parkour to carry out a series of art thefts in the film."  Pre-production is hoped to begin in January 2013.

So what say you? Are Red Bull's wings taking it too high? Or are you as intrigued as I am, even if just by the idea's novelty alone (3D aside)?

Parkour Deviant Art

Extra Tidbit: Favorite energy drink? I'd go with Monster Rehab in a heartbeat. Or many heartbeats, considering we're talking about energy drinks.
Source: Variety



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