Renowned cinematographer Roger Deakins will not return for Bond 24

It has been some time since our last news about the follow-up to SKYFALL. We know that Sam Mendes is returning to the director's chair for BOND 24 and, naturally, so will Daniel Craig. What the story will be about is unknown although rumors have had it potentially being part one of a longer story spanning this and the 25th Bond film. With the huge success of SKYFALL, it seems only natural that the studio will want to keep the gang together.

But, one member of Sam Mendes' team will not be coming back for BOND 24. Kristopher Tapley tweeted the following a few days ago.

Roger Deakins remains one of the most acclaimed cinematographers working today. He has been nominated for 11 Academy Awards, including this year's PRISONERS. It has long been considered a crime that Deakins has not been recognized by the Academy. His work on SKYFALL was superb and may be some of the finest cinematography in any action film. He does have an established working relationship with Sam Mendes from their time on JARHEAD and REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, but they have not worked exclusively together.

It remains unknown who will lens BOND 24, but expect to know soon. Filming will take place this year as BOND 24 is slated to hit theaters on October 23, 2015.

Source: Twitter



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