UPDATE: Report hints big solo Batman rewrites; Matt Reeves lead to direct

UPDATE: Variety reporter Justin Kroll was asked if there was any truth to the rewrite report, and his reponse was...

The solo BATMAN movie starring Ben Affleck is coming, that much we know. Affleck is no longer directing, which came as a huge shock, and as a result DC is looking for a new talent to bring the Dark Knight some justice. At the same time, word is the script is being retooled, which is to be expected but is nonetheless attention grabbing. A lengthy piece from Forbes has gone into the issue, saying that script is indeed being reworked, practically from scratch, and that there is one name the studio is indeed heavily interested in getting to direct their film:

…sources confirm the script originally penned by Affleck and Geoff Johns was rewritten by scribe Chris Terrio (whose Argo screenplay won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, and who did a page-one rewrite on Batman v Superman), but the project will undergo substantial changes and possible/probably another full rewrite. Warner Bros. is already speaking to several filmmakers about taking over in the director's chair -- including one of my personal longtime favorites to direct a Batman movie, Matt Reeves, who seems to be the frontrunner -- and word is the project will essentially get a fresh start once a new creative team has been put together.

Yes, the DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (and this year's WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES) director is a name that has been floating around the BATMAN director’s chair, and is clearly one Warner Bros. is keen on nabbing. As for the movie’s villain we already know Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello) will play a key role, but the report states that The Joker (Jared Leto) also had a major part to play:

The story for The Batman originally included the assassin Deathstroke as a main villain, with Joe Manganiello cast in the role, as well as a few other likely villainous appearances by characters including the Joker, according to sources familiar with the project.

Leto has spoken out against all the scenes of his Joker that were cut from SUICIDE SQUAD, leading many to wonder if he would even return the role. But that kind of talk has dies down, even though we have no idea when and where the character will return.

Although much of this may be hard to prove as 100% legit, it would make sense given Affleck’s dropping out as director. Scripts often go through many changes and alterations, and given the shake-ups a fresh start may be what this movie needs. Plus a new director may want to go in another direction than Affleck would have, so now the studio has more time tinker with it to make it seem more appealing to fresh eyes, if that is indeed what is happening behind the scenes. Whatever they’re doing to make this a great movie, I’m down. Affleck hit the nail on the head saying he basically doesn’t want to half-ass two jobs, and if they have time to play with the script and story have at it. I’m also cool with a little less of Leto’s Joker…as I’m sure most folks are.

The BATMAN movie is aiming for a 2019 release.

Source: Forbes



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