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In the Loop
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PLOT: In the days leading up to a U.S led war in the Middle East, a none-too-bright UK Minister, Simon Foster (Tom Hollander), finds himself in hot water with the Prime Minister’s top spin doctor, Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) when he calls the war “unforeseeable”- leading to a trip to Washington D.C for the minister, and his young aide (Chris Addison). There, they encounter a general (James Gandolfini) - opposed to the war, a young lobbyist (Anna Chlumsky), who authors a paper that casts doubt on U.S intelligence, and a virulently pro-war State Department shark (David Rasche).

REVIEW: Satire is a tricky thing to pull off. Many of have tried, few have succeeded. Arnando Iannucci’s IN THE LOOP, is the best political satire I’ve seen in years. At times, I almost felt like I was watching our generation’s DR.STRANGELOVE. Now, I’m not saying this is as good a film as Stanley Kubrick’s classic- it’s not, but it comes closer than any film I’ve seen in a while.

Essentially, it’s a comedy about the days leading up the war in IRAQ, although the conflict is never named. It’s similar to STRANGELOVE in that it’s a VERY funny film, about something frightening, and real. When Kubrick’s film came out in 1964- the Cuban Missile Crisis was still fresh in everyone’s minds, yet audiences still embraced the film, as laughing at the thing they most feared was likely empowering in a way. The same year, a serious look at nuclear war, FAIL SAFE, also opened- but that film tanked- similar to the way that all serious films about the war in Iraq have flopped (with the possible exception of THE HURT LOCKER). IN THE LOOP is probably a little too sophisticated a film to ever catch on in a big way, but I think it’ll definitely pick up a strong cult following, as it really does make us laugh at how ridiculous the decision makers in power on both sides of the Atlantic can be. Basically, imagine THE OFFICE, but with replace Dunder Miflin paper, with the Pentagon, and 10 Downing Street.

Being a British film about politics, much is made of the fact that Britain is no longer the super-power it was sixty years ago- with hapless politicians struggling to matter in the international scene. The interaction between the British and American politicians is priceless, with both sides constantly trying to appear as more important than the other. One of the brits, upon seeing how young some of the aides are, calls Washington, "Bugsy Malone, but with real guns".

Tom Hollander, who I only really know from the PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN sequels, is a revelation here as the bumbling minster trying desperately to matter in the international scene while simultaneously shirking all of hi responsibilities back home (perfectly summed up by a nifty cameo from an almost unrecognizable Steve Coogan, who previously worked with Iannucci on the brilliant ALAN PARTRIDGE show). He’s hilarious, while also bringing a bit of vulnerability to the role, which keeps him likable.

Less likable, but freakin’ hilarious is Peter Capaldi, as an unbelievably foul mouthed spin doctor (first words when entering the office in the morning: “Good morning all my little chicks, and cocks”). He’s probably the most fouled mouthed character I’ve seen since Ben Kingsley in SEXY BEAST, and Capaldi is great in the role, which he previously played on Iannucci’s recent BBC series THE THICK OF IT).

I also got a kick out of seeing Anna Chlumsky, from MY GIRL, all grown up, in a central role, as a busy young lobbyist. James Gandolfini also has a great role, as a sympathetic army general, trying to avert a potential war, while staying loyal to his government. This is the best role he’s had since the end of THE SOPRANOS, and the big tête-à-tête he has with Capaldi is great.

I really hope people check out IN THE LOOP, as it’s truly a great satire- with generous helpings of Christopher Guest-style improvisations thrown into the mix. I really liked it, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an intelligent and surprisingly thought-provoking comedy.

RATING: 8.5/10

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