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Jackass 3.5
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PLOT: Jackass is back with a series of new, never-before-seen stunts and pranks that didn’t find their way into JACKASS 3D. From a frightening fire walk for Steve-O to Chris Pontius using his penis as a cat toy, there is much crude and vulgar fun to be had even when things don’t go as planned. Well, it’s fun for the audience at least.

REVIEW: There was so much to revel in during JACKASS 3D that fans couldn’t help but laugh it up. While the 3D element wasn’t really necessary, it certainly made for a unique theatre going experience. The pranks and the mayhem were all terribly entertaining and of course, crude as hell. Director Jeff Tremaine, Johnny Knoxville and crew shot so much footage that it was clear the story was not complete. Much like JACKASS 2.5 before it, the three dimensional version has more to offer. Thus, thanks to Paramount Pictures and Joost.com, JACKASS 3.5 will be coming to you online.

Photo: Sean Cliver © 2011 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved

As much fun as the 3D technology was, this continuation is just as wild and insane as the theatrical version. Yep, this is ball-bustingly hilarious, and this is not simply because every single one of the guys has something thrown at his crotch at some point. The sheer ridiculousness is not limited to cock and shit jokes, there are stunts galore that will keep viewers glued to their seats – just hope there isn’t an alligator snapping turtle biting at your ass, according to Steve-O it is pretty damn painful.

Some of the finest – and funniest – moments include the previously mentioned snapping turtle, the rocket weenie which sent a flying dildo towards Bam Margera’s ass, and one of the most disgusting pranks yet included the boys trying to jump as far as they can after getting an enema. 3.5 is a wildly comical reverie of stunts, mayhem and cock, and there is certainly a lot of cock here. It is Chris Pontius especially who places his member in various situations. Whether it is a cat or a woodpecker, Pontius’ penis is placed in precarious possibilities… painful.

The best part of JACKASS 3.5 is not always the crazy stunts; some of the most smile inducing moments that really stand out are when the cast opens up about the film. Sometimes their experiments don’t work and we see the very human side to these fellas. There is an honesty here that is not always apparent in the theatrical release, especially when things get serious or egos get crushed. Jackass 2.5 had the same structure, and it works even better this time around. It’s hard not to laugh at the unmercifully messed up insanity on-screen. This is especially true when you get to see the “regular dude” quality of the film’s stars.

Photo: Sean Cliver © 2011 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved

Much of the charm that the original MTV series had can be found in 3.5 which is wonderful thing. As the gang has grown up, they haven’t lost the humor and the audacity of who they were. They oftentimes feel as fresh faced as when they weren’t making a dime off their exploits early on in the series. They still take unbelievable risks, and sometimes those risks don’t work out. Here we are given a little insight into the failures. This is the beauty of Jackass and why it still feels relevant after all these years.

Jackass 3.5 will be available April 1st on Joost.com as an episodic viral video, no wonder if feels like the series has returned.

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