Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
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PLOT: In the continuing saga of Jack Sparrow who last we saw, fell to the clutches of the Cracken, and is taken body and soul to Davy Jones Locker. Feeling more than a little guilty, Elizabeth Swann joins forces with Barbossa to rescue Jack and return in time to unite with the Pirate Lords to battle the evil forces of Davy Jones and the East India Trading Company lead by Cutler Beckett. .

REVIEW: Why do critics generally seem to tear down the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise? Of course they are not perfect films, few are. But what is it audiences see that critics don’t? Credit Johnny Depp for creating one of the most endearing characters ever to grace the screen as Jack Sparrow. Credit some wonderful chemistry from Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. And credit the magnificent score by Hans Zimmer, some eye-popping direction by Gore Verbinski and a mass of talented character actors having a blast. And don’t forget what may be the best visual effects in the series, from an angry Calypso to an imaginative and fierce battle at sea. With that, you get the final (for now) installment of one of the most popular franchise ever to invade the screen, critics be damned. And with At World’s End, the best of the series, you will find a darker, more complex, action-packed adventure that will please most of the fans by bringing the best of the earlier installments for a thrillingly death-defying journey to the end of the world.

With that in mind, I don’t think the majority of critics are going to find the love for Pirates but audiences don’t seem to care. And why should they? Johnny Depp is back, and trust me when I say that they really don’t want people complaining there’s not enough Johnny. In an “Army of Darkness/Evil Dead” inspired moment, the different personalities of Jack Sparrow haunt the anti-hero as he finds himself surrounded by crabs and a very odd crew… Johnny is everywhere. A funny moment that sadly gets stretched a bit too long but hey… who’s really gonna complain. And did I mention that this film is dark… in one of the most spectacular and haunting moments in the film, the souls of the dead that Swann, Will Turner and company pass on their way to Davy Jones Locker, linger beneath the ocean black. This creepy moment is sure to creep out the kiddies. And the most surprisingly bleak image comes early on when all those associated with pirates are lead to their death. A powerful and surprisingly touching moment as those doomed to die face their fate with song.

Don’t get me wrong, the humor is here too. And when I say funny, I’m talking about Jack of course… the monkey. The primate has a bigger part and steals almost every scene. Other welcome additions were Chow Yun-Fat and expanded roles for the exciting Naomie Harris and the return of Geoffrey Rush who gives Jack Sparrow a little competition in the humor department. And you’ve heard the rumors, Keith Richards is here as Captain Teague, Captain Jack’s pappy. And once he arrives, At World’s End really takes off and proves to be the most entertaining of the franchise. His moments with Jack are pure gold while he is on-screen. He is given just enough without becoming an in-joke.

Of course there are moments that don’t quite work including an overly complex plotline which drags at times. And you may be trying to figure out just who is backstabbing who which gets a little tedious. But it still moves along quickly enough, for the most part, to make you forget that it is almost a three-hour film. And if you don’t want to sit through the credits, make sure you take a potty break or grab some snacks because, of course, you may want to glimpse the final, after-credit moment which I won’t give away. Avast me hearties, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is sure to shiver yer timbers and make yer roger jolly.

My rating 8/10 -- JimmyO

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