Review: Zombie Strippers

PLOT: A secret government facility is the scene of a deadly "chemo-virus" outbreak, enabling the dead to become hungry monsters... Since apparently the lab is in the same building as "Rhino's," a sleazy strip club, it's Dead Babes Dancing before too long. And they still know how to get their groove on!

REVIEW: Let's face it: A movie called ZOMBIE STRIPPERS isn't exactly going to attempt to be deeply metaphorical and politically relevant. Wait, scratch that, that exactly what ZOMBIE STRIPPERS attempts. This is a movie that takes place in Sartre, Nebraska -and has a character quoting Nietzsche in one scene, while in another she's firing deadly ping-pong balls from her hoo-haa... If you like your cheesy gorefests to frequently wax pseudo-intellectual about warfare and class, then well, ZOMBIE STRIPPERS is for you.

Right off the bat we're treated to the movie's subversive wit (and conscience), with a news program telling us that now in his FOURTH consecutive term as President, George W. Bush has declared war on pretty much every country out there - and even our own Alaska. This of course leads to a pretty significant troop shortage, so the obvious thing to do is create virus that'll reanimate the corpses of soldiers and send them back into battle, yeah? Well, this is only a bad idea because almost immediately the virus goes haywire and a secret lab is filled with zombies...

A ragtag group of soldiers is sent in to contain the virus, and the movie quickly begins to settle into familiar territory, complete with lots of machine gun fire and shambling dead dudes. One of the squad is bitten and takes off, finding solace in, yes, a strip club and then the usual happens: A stripper is bitten, becomes a hideous flesh-eater and, more importantly, an even better stripper! The club's owner sees that this is profitable (for some reason - it's never really explained WHY the customers dig deceased pole-dancing so much), and soon enough, all the girls are following suite... The good times can't keep rolling forever though...

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